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  • Transfer rate up to 200 times faster
  • Durable, compact design Easy one-touch switching between the two storage units
  • Building a better system from the ground up sometimes involves digging into even the most mundane components.
  • Take memory cards, for instance. To provide larger storage capacity and faster access rates--
  • PlayStation2 developers have upgraded the technology for the new memory card.


This is Memory Card 64MB for PlayStation 2 PS2 Compatible with all PS2 Models (including PS2 Slim) Compatible with all PS2 games which provide save game function.


Package Content: 

64MB Memory Card x 1No

PS2 64MB Memory Card for SONY Playstation 2 Console Slim/Fat

कर शामिल |
Color: Black
  • Capacity : 64MB

    Compatible : SONY PS2 Slim / Fat 

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